Injured From a Tire Blowout? Who is Responsible?

Imagine this: You’re driving on the highway after a long day at work, when suddenly you hear an explosion. Your car begins to swerve, and you can’t seem to get in control of your vehicle.  You slow down to a stop on the shoulder of the highway and find your tire has blown out. During the incident, you’ve injured your knee from the impact as well as what appears to be a sprained wrist. What now?

Who’s Responsible For a Tire Blowout Accident?

Tire blowouts typically fall under the sector of law that deals with product liability. If you’ve found that your blown tire had been improperly installed or defective, you can hold the tire manufacturer or installer accountable for the incident and receive compensation. Additionally, if the tire blowout resulted in an injury and the tire has been proven defective or improperly installed, you may file a personal injury claim to those responsible parties for medical compensation. To prove that the tire had been defective or improperly installed, a professional will need to be on retainer to determine how the blowout occurred.

Let’s say that the tire of the vehicle driving next to you blew out, and subsequently caused that car to crash into yours in the chaos. You find yourself injured as a result of the collision. Typically, this would be treated as any other auto accident and you may be able to seek compensation from the other driver’s negligence, as all drivers have a responsibility to check tires for wear. However, if the other driver is seeking compensation for their defective or improperly installed tire, the liability becomes slightly more convoluted. Legal advice should be taken here by all parties.

If a tire blowout accident involves a truck, liability can fall to the driver, manufacturer, installer and/or retailer. Truck drivers have even more of a responsibility to check their tires for wear than passenger drivers, as well as monitor any changes in tire pressure. Yet, truck drivers are not the only parties that can be held responsible, as trucks are subject to routine inspections. An inspector who failed to detect a defect in the tire may be held liable. As in the aforementioned cases, installers or manufacturers that sell or install defective tires may also be held accountable in these cases.

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I Hit A Parked Car – What Do I Do Now?

In some ways, if we are driving a moving vehicle and we hit a parked car, we have a tendency to be embarrassed. After all, the parked car didn’t move and you hitting it could easily have been avoidable and preventable. Believe it or not, hitting a parked car is much more common than you think, so you are not the only “bad” driver in town.

A Parked Car Gets In Our Way!

A recent study revealed that almost 7 in 10 “hit-and-run” accidents in America involve a parked car. Should you find yourself hitting a parked car because it jumped out in your path, there are things you can do to ensure that the accident is handled properly.

The accident itself is not a crime, but fleeing the scene can put you in criminal crosshairs. Even if the car is parked, much of what you need to do is similar to you getting in an accident with another moving vehicle – it’s all about collecting information.

What to Do If You Hit a Parked Car

If the owner of the parked car is not readily available, wait by the vehicle for a period of time, and prepare a note.  It is always best to try to make direct contact with the owner when you can so you can explain everything. While you are waiting, take some photos of both vehicles, especially in the area of impact, and take photos of the license plates.

While it may be embarrassing, it is important to locate witnesses and have them put down brief statements as to what they saw, and get names and contact information. If there is significant damage to either vehicle, it would be wise to call the police and file a report of the accident.

If the owner of the parked car does not appear after a certain period of time, leave a note on the windshield with only this information – your name, contact information, your address and a brief explanation of the accident (do not go into the circumstances of the accident, just state what happened). You may leave insurance information if you like, but you are not required to do so.

Contact your insurance company and report the accident, with as much detail as possible – date, time, the location of the accident, the description and/or the license plate number of the car you hit, etc. Do not get into causes or reasons for the accident, just focus on the accident itself and what happened.

Don’t Leave Your Rights Parked

Just because you might be embarrassed by hitting a parked car, does not mean that your fault implies that you give up your rights. As long as you are forthcoming in noting the accident and you either make contact with the driver or leave a note,  your local Memphis personal-injury attorney should be by your side to consult you on your rights and responsibilities so you have a reasonable settlement of liability. Don’t put your rights in park just because you’re at fault. Contact us at Memphis Law Firm today.

Who Can Be Held Liable In A Construction Zone Accident?

If you have recently found yourself involved in a construction zone accident, then you likely have many questions regarding the legal claims you can make, particularly if you feel like you are owed compensation for any personal injury you’ve suffered as a result of the accident.

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at the general subject of construction zone accidents, and you’ll also find a detailed answer regarding who can be held liable in construction zone accidents and why. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

First of all, it’s worth defining what construction zone accidents usually involve so you know whether the situation you have found yourself in constitutes as one.

In general, construction accidents can include anything from uneven lanes, open holes, construction debris that’s left on the road, improperly marked lanes, poor construction vehicle maintenance, or even construction equipment malfunctioning in some manner.

However, it’s also safe to say that there are many rules and regulations which construction crews need to follow in order to cause minimal impact on the surrounding population, yet mistakes can and do happen, such as incorrect caution signs, poorly display traffic signage, general negligence, and more. If the proper rules haven’t been followed, then there’s a good chance they may be held liable for the accident in some way.

Of course, the construction zone staff may dispute any claim you have when it comes to mistakes they’ve made, but it’s always worth getting in touch with a qualified attorney who can look into your case directly and use their skills and insight to determine whether you likely have a successful claim on your hands.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to say whether your case is likely to win or not without having an expert look at the details, but there are certainly numerous cases of construction zone accidents occurring, claims being made, and successful compensation fees being collected every day.

If you believe you have been involved in a construction zone accident, then the first thing to do is to note down as much information about the incident as possible, as well as gather any relevant evidence such as photographs of the scene.

Furthermore, make sure to take note of any medical attention you have sought as a result of injuries caused by the accident. It’s also very important to make your claim as soon as possible, as you may be subject to a statute of limitations in some circumstances.

At the end of the day, it’s clear to see construction zone accidents are surprisingly common affairs, and if you have been involved in an accident and incurred injury as a result of the negligence caused by construction zone staff, then you have every right to contact a personal injury attorney and have your claim assessed by a skilled and knowledgeable professional.

One important thing to keep in mind is that construction companies have comprehensive insurance policies in place to protect the crew against legitimate construction zone accidents and the resulting claims they can lead to, so you have every right to claim what you deserve if you’ve been impacted in any way.

If you would like to learn the common causes of some of these accidents, please watch the video below:

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