Car Accidents Deaths By State

The number of deaths that have been a result car crashes in the United States has increased over the past few years by around 6%-7% a year. In 2014, the total number of deaths due to crashes was 32,744, in 2015, the number of crashes was 35,092 (+7.2%), and in 2016, that number rose to 37,461 (+6.3%). The total number of injuries also increased from 2014 to 2015 4.5%. The overall goal every year is to have the rate of deaths by car accident go in the opposite direction than they have been in recent years. Drivers can take a number of preemptive measures to prevent death in the occurrence of an accident. For example, wearing your seatbelt, following traffic laws, and practicing other various defensive driving techniques.

Top 5 States by Total Number of Car Accident Deaths

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), some states have a higher number of car accident related deaths. The top five states with the highest car accident related deaths are:

  1. Texas – 3,776
  2. California – 3,623
  3. Florida – 3,174
  4. Georgia – 1,554
  5. North Carolina – 1,450

Texas finished in the number one spot for this category, making it one of the most dangerous states to drive in, based on the sheer number of auto accident related deaths. North Carolina rounded out the top five with 1,450 car accident related deaths. Tennessee was not too far behind, rounding out the top ten with a total of 1,041 car accident related deaths.

Top 5 States by Car Accident Deaths Because of Various Factors

According to the records of the IIHS, one of the factors that weigh into the total number of an auto accident deaths is intoxicated driving. The top five states where the largest number of drivers who had died in a car accident and were found with a BAC greater than or equal to .08 are:

  1. Texas – 811
  2. Florida – 636
  3. North Carolina – 531
  4. Georgia – 470
  5. California – 470

Texas finished with the most car accident deaths with an illegal BAC with 811. California rounded out the top five with 470. Tennessee finished with 343 car accident deaths with a BAC result; that was bad enough to rank them 11th in the United States.

Another factor that weighs into the total number of deaths due to car accidents is the use of a restraint. A restraint was defined by the IIHS as a seat belt or a child’s car seat. The top five states with the most non-restraint use related deaths are:

  1. Texas – 935
  2. Florida – 747
  3. California – 587
  4. Georgia – 477
  5. North Carolina – 432

Once again the state of Texas finished first with 1,247 non-restraint use related deaths. Georgia rounded out the top five. Tennessee had the 10th most non-restraint use death (348).

Based on the information given by the IIHS we can conclude that some of the most deadly states to drive in are Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Although those finished top five in a lot of categories, that does not mean that other states are not deadly as well. Tennessee was around ten for most categories, making it on the more dangerous side of the 50 states.

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