Car Accidents: See A Doctor Even If I Don’t Feel Injured?

One thing is true about auto accidents – they can often leave their marks days and weeks afterward, even if it’s a minor fender-bender. Whether the marks are physical, mental or emotional, virtually no one gets away from an accident unscathed.

It’s like a good football or basketball coach who hardly loses a game – they remember every loss. The same thing is true with auto accidents for most of us; they happen so infrequently in our lives that we have very distinct memories of them.

The Hidden Injuries

If you go into an accident on the basic presumption that every accident will leave a mark in some way, then you will understand that even if you bump a car at 2 mph and you immediately get out of the car and feel no physical pain, it is always a good idea to take precautions because the body will sometimes have a delayed reaction to a quick trauma like a collision.

There are some physical injuries that won’t manifest themselves right away, especially in a more violent collision, where adrenaline is pumping and is distracting you from the injuries you have suffered. In any and every event, it is a good idea to have medical personnel evaluate you at the scene of an accident. Something like whiplash or other muscle or joint injury may be present and you may not be immediately aware.

Get Full Disclosure

Don’t assume that because you feel fine, that you actually are fine. Every accident needs to have a full accounting, and that includes any injuries to yourself as well as drivers and passengers in the other vehicles. If you refuse medical attention at the scene because you feel “fine,” then if and when you decide to file a claim for damages, your claim will be less-regarded if you delay in getting treatment.

Possible brain injury, whiplash, and internal bleeding are three serious conditions that may not manifest right away, but if they go unchecked or undiagnosed, could lead to serious problems later. For these reasons alone, get checked out to rule out these time-release injuries so you can have an accurate picture of the results of the accident and have everything ready in case you need to file that legal claim.

Take No Chances

Even if you feel perfectly OK following an accident, do not miss out on a chance to protect your health. You trust a professional attorney to secure your legal health in an auto accident; you should then protect your physical health by getting evaluated by a doctor to head off any “hidden” injuries that may impact you later. Don’t take unnecessary risks, especially if you are considering a legal claim. Your physical right to health is just as important as your legal rights!

If you have been in a car accident and suffered a car accident injury it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.  Contact us today for a consultation.