Improper Turning

Improper turning in MemphisWould life on the road be easier if we didn’t have to turn?

If only all the roads were straight and they all led us where we needed to go without having to use turn signals and follow rules regarding turns into or out of traffic.

The reality is certainly nothing like that. While turns are encouraged on our roadways, there are rules for those turns, and not following those rules can lead to some trouble and cause auto accidents.

Types of Improper Turns

While turns are generally legal, there are some exceptions in individual intersections and cities where traffic laws and rules can make it improper or illegal in some traffic situations. Some of these types of improper turns are:

  • Disobeying a “no right on red” sign by making a right turn on red.
  • Making a left turn at a red light with no green arrow.
  • Not stopping and yielding to traffic before making a left turn at a stop sign.
  • Not being in the right-most lane for a right turn or the left-most lane for a left turn.
  • Making a turn without signaling.
  • Executing a U-turn on a divided roadway or highway.
  • Not using a designated turn lane to execute a turn.

In some larger metropolitan areas, you may come across all of these road rules at some point, while only a sampling of these rules may come into effect in smaller, more rural areas where there is less traffic. It is always key to understand the rules of the road in the town or city in which you are driving and to always take a defensive stance and be observant of all traffic around you and take extra precautions when it seems that a driver is or will be executing an improper turn.  

Tips for Avoiding Improper Turn AccidentsImproper Turn

To ensure that you don’t make the mistake of an improper turn, or if you want to avoid an auto accident from an improper turn, there is some advice that we can give to help you stay safe on the roadway.

  • Make sure to check for traffic that is coming; do not make a turn until the road is clear.
  • Avoid the urge to take shortcuts. Safety is always paramount, and taking shortcuts usually mean to take an improper turn.
  • When approaching a turn, make sure to slow down and get into the correct lane at least 100 feet before a turn. Always use turn signals more than 100 feet before a turn.
  • Pay attention to turn signals if someone is trying to turn. Do not stop in oncoming traffic to allow for the right of way. Do not yield your right of way.
  • Keep a safe distance behind other vehicles and keep eyes open for other vehicles and what they are doing, as an illegal turn can happen at any time.
  • If you are making a left turn, do not slow down in the turn, and do not accelerate too much coming out of it. A person who is making a proper turn but does not maintain a consistent speed may cause an accident from oncoming traffic coming through on the assumption that you will maintain your speed. Steady as she goes through an intersection.

Is Liability Easy?

If a car accident occurs as a result of an improper turn, it can be easy to determine liability in such a case. A law-enforcement investigation may note that an improper or illegal turn may be to blame for the accident, but might that be all there is?

In many cases, accidents have several reasons, causes or factors, in which it is difficult to determine the exact singular cause of an auto accident. After all, many improper turns are made and cars have the ability to yield or stop in time to avoid an accident. So if one happens, there will usually be more than one reason.

Generally, however, an improper turn (or some other moving violation) will most likely be considered the primary reason for the crash (in other words, a car speeding and hitting a left-turning vehicle might not have been in an accident had the left turn not happened).

Turn Properly in Support of Your Rights

If an improper turn was a contributing factor to your auto accident, you need to know all the facts of your particular case and be prepared to fight for your rights. Getting an independent investigation of your accident through an experienced Memphis personal-injury attorney will help you understand all the circumstances surrounding the accident and give you the power and knowledge you need to protect your rights and those who are injured from that improper turn.

There are turns that are improper, but fighting for your legal rights after an auto accident is perfectly proper. Understanding the nature of your auto accident through investigation and consultation with a Memphis personal-injury attorney will give you the leverage you need to reach a quick solution and develop wholeness back into your life as quickly as possible.