Common Injuries From Rear End Accidents

When you get into any accident, it’s important to take stock of what’s really important: you and the people you care about. That can be hard to do after you’ve been rear-ended in an accident that almost always isn’t your fault. It can be especially hard to do since even these collisions, the most common of all traffic accidents, can still result in terrible injury in the worst cases. Big vehicles leave behind big damage. Here are some of the most common injuries that result from the fender bender.

Common Injuries: Upper Body

Injuries that result from glass in the eye are common in any car accident, and you’re not exempt just because you were struck from behind. On congested streets, it’s likely that your car will be forced forward from the power of the rear impact, which could leave you squashed in between two vehicles. When your side or front windows shatter, tiny shards of glass can lodge themselves in your eyes. This damage can lead to diminished eyesight.

When involved in any high-speed impact of sufficient force, you’re likely to suffer from whiplash and concussion. Whiplash occurs when your head whips forward and back with great speed. This can lead to damaged tendons, ligaments, and muscles in your skull, neck, and back, not to mention fractured bones. In addition, the same motion can damage the most important organ of all: the brain. You might suffer from mild to severe amnesia, blood clot, or bleeding. These injuries don’t always present immediately, so be sure to keep your doctor on speed-dial if you notice any new symptoms.

Disfigurement of the face often occurs in the same situation. Although airbags can prevent a lot of the damage, you might still sustain severe bruising in the face. Sometimes lacerations or broken bones require the light touch of a plastic surgeon to fix completely.

When your body shoots forward against your seatbelt, the most common injury is the broken clavicle or collarbone. This can be extremely painful, and takes weeks or months to heal.

Common Injuries: Spinal

When your body senses an impending impact, the spine subconsciously braces itself. So do the muscles and tendons that protect it. If you get rear-ended, then you can’t see it coming and your spine doesn’t brace itself the way it normally would. This situation leads to spinal damage. You might sustain shattered vertebrae in the worst cases, or painful slipped or ruptured discs. Any of these injuries can take months to heal, and leave you in debilitating pain.

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