Could COVID-19 Affect Whether Or Not I Can Sue After A Car Accident?

Litigation over the next few months will inevitably look a little different than it has over the last few years. That’s because people will want to find a way to assert that coronavirus somehow affected their wellbeing, and it was really someone else’s fault. While some of these cases will have merit, most will not. Many have emailed our firm asking whether or not a car accident lawsuit might be reassessed with COVID-19 in mind.

What does that mean exactly?

Government authorities have urged residents for months to stay indoors whenever possible, and only to venture outside when absolutely necessary for things like groceries and exercise. But plenty of people have ignored mandated restrictions and “strong suggestions” alike. Many people, for example, continue to refuse a mask because they’re convinced coronavirus is a leftist conspiracy theory. Facts don’t matter to those people, so making the argument for truth can be difficult.

So what if you were in a car accident with a person who was not legally allowed to be driving at the time of the accident? 

Situations like these are rare, because very few state and local authorities have imposed restrictions stringent enough to keep people off the road. But if you happen to live somewhere where certain groups of people have been legally mandated to stay inside, you might be entitled to additional compensation when they don’t. Broken laws and criminal acts make civil litigation much simpler in the eyes of the law — and in our eyes too.

For now, we ask you to please abide by the rules. Go above and beyond them if you can. Coronavirus is no joke, and will likely become more serious in the coming months. If you have questions about a recent accident or coronavirus-related legal concerns, please contact us as soon as possible. If you are uncomfortable coming into the office, we will contact you over the phone or through video conference!