Does Car Insurance Cover Damage Done By Tornadoes?

Nashville, Tennessee residents are picking up the pieces after 16 of its residents were killed by a tornado. Mother Nature’s destructive force reared its ugly head for many people who live there, and they’re wondering what it means for the future. More than that, they have many questions regarding how they’re going to pay for everything they’ve lost.

Meade County resident Sarah Mills said, “I honestly did not sleep, because I was traumatized. Like every time I closed my eyes I just heard the sound…It was kind of like going through the car wash when the dryers are on, times ten. It was just like in my ear. I knew people were screaming but I couldn’t even hear because it was so loud.”

She was in a restaurant when the tornado came. 

“A server, or the owner, or someone said, ‘Get in the back, now,’” she explained. “Like, he screamed it, and right when he said that you could hear a window shatter. Things were flying. I was praying to God. I was like, ‘Please, please, please, please, please. This is not the time.’ I’ve never actually been terrified of dying before, and I really thought that was the end.”

The damage to local business, residences, and — cars — was devastating to those already struggling financially. That’s left a lot of people asking whether or not their insurance will pay for some of the damage. The good news is that homeowners insurance or renters insurance can cover much of the damage done to your home — if you thought to cover yourself beforehand.

And auto insurance does indeed cover damage done by Mother Nature. But how much is covered all depends on the specific policy. If your vehicle is scratched up, you can expect nearly all damages to be covered. However, if your car was totaled during the Nashville tornado event, you might not have as much coverage as you need to recover the costs of a new vehicle. The most sensible thing to do is have a chat with your carrier.

Were you in a car accident during the storm? You might benefit from a conversation with a personal injury lawyer first. Accidents that result from a tornado can be tricky in court — and you could even be sued for an accident you didn’t cause! No one should have to pay damages for something that wasn’t their fault. Make sure you’re covered both financially and legally before someone can take advantage of the situation to sue you.