The New Car Technology That Will Make Your Trip To Work Easier In 2020

Automobiles are changing. Technological progress follows an exponential curve, which means the more time goes by, the faster technology changes. This is especially true for cars, which are beginning to implement safety tech faster than ever before. What’s more, some newer vehicles are even using learning software to “teach” older models how to drive more safely. These are a few of the new car technologies that will make your trip to work just a little bit easier in 2020 and beyond.

The 2020 Nissan Altima. Although the price is going up, so are its capabilities. The “Safety Shield 360” will implement a “ProPilot Assist” that will automatically keep a driver from veering too far from the center of a lane. An adaptive cruise control will also function somewhat like Tesla’s Autopilot does (during some highway driving, you can hand over most of the responsibility to the computer so long as your hands are on the steering wheel and you’re ready to take over at a moment’s notice).

In addition, the Altima will detect pedestrians and automatically brake when necessary. The cameras will monitor and detect cars both in front of you and behind, providing collision warnings or, once again, braking when necessary. There are a number of other safety features included in the package.

Toyota Manufacturing. This carmaker plans to introduce a number of electric vehicles in the coming years, which should help it catch up to other carmakers who are already doing the same. Toyota had previously provided a sales outline that included 5.5 million electric cars by 2030, but now the company has moved up the timeline to 2025.

Toyota also plans to unveil a solid-state battery “if possible” by the time the Olympic games take place. This follows an agreement by Toyota and Panasonic to research, develop, and manufacture batteries based on solid-state designs. In order to increase sales of both these batteries (when they release) and its platform of electric vehicles, Toyota has also paired with Subaru.

Toyota Lexus. This automaker recently unveiled plans for the “Lexus Safety System Plus” standardization in 2020. These safety measures help vehicles detect potential crashes in order to prevent them. The Lexus version of adaptive cruise control doesn’t work like the Altima’s; instead, it allows you to set both speed and following distance. If the set speed would take you too close to the car in front of yours, then the vehicle will slow down.

The vehicles will also come with automatic high beams to prevent blinding unwary drivers, lane departure warnings (steering-wheel vibration in conjunction with audio-visual warnings), and automatic emergency braking to prevent crashing into the vehicle in front of you. The Lexus will also detect pedestrians.