Will COVID-19 Impact Car Accident Litigation?

Many of us have questions about the potential impacts of what appears to be the most dangerous viral outbreak in the modern era — and sadly, few of those questions seem to have answers. Science has been slow to provide them even though researchers are working nonstop to do exactly that. Will COVID-19 impact car accident litigation? Of all the questions asked, it seems like one of the silliest until you dig into the details.

After all, this pandemic has affected aspects of our world — and how it functions at the most basic levels — that no one ever imagined. And yes, COVID-19 will absolutely affect car accident litigation moving forward.

First, we expect many fewer lawsuits in the coming weeks and months. Car accident attorneys provide a resource for those who have been injured in, well, car accidents. And with fewer people traveling on the road during lockdowns and self-isolation, accidents have dwindled to a few. This is good news! Hospitals are already under intense pressure because of a lack of resources to fight the new viral threat, and they don’t need the added strain of car accident victims to make things worse.

Second, we expect fewer lawsuits over the long-term. This is primarily because COVID-19 could — and probably will — crop up in peaks and troughs, hitting parts of the world that weren’t initially affected months later. Likely, it will return with a vengeance later this year if Americans are successful in flattening the curve (although the preventative measures taken so far should have been far more restrictive if that was the ultimate goal).

Many non-essential businesses have been asked to close their doors for the duration of this outbreak, but law firms were not among their number. That’s because people need financial protection now more than ever, and regardless of how many fewer car accidents there are over the next few months or even years, there are still some. We’re here to help those who need it now the most.

We urge our readers to heed CDC warnings and take cautionary measures while going about their day to day lives. Are you a non-essential employee, suddenly out of work? Please stay home! You can still go out for a walk or to pick up some groceries, but socializing as you normally would will cause great damage heading into May. 

Should the numbers continue to advance at such a pace, we can expect 3,000 dead Americans each day by the end of April. We’re on track to eclipse seasonal flu deaths very soon. Please take care of yourselves and others!